Habbo Hotel

Written: 2019, Updated: 17/05/2022

This was the first chatroom type site I joined, in 2002. I loved exploring the unique spaces people had created with the very limited pixel furniture, often with roleplaying elements. For example, I remember a a set of rooms connected together by teleporters: the first was a queueing area, the second an airplane, and the third a tropical beach. This was intended to recreate taking a flight to a holiday destination. Some rooms were game rooms, such as "Furni Drop", which involved a musical-chairs type game where chairs were dropped into the room and anyone who didn't manage to sit on one was kicked. I remember winning a it just a few times. I also remember listening to some 'web radios' which had rooms in Habbo Hotel where I could chat with other listeners and the current DJ. I remember requesting "The Hamster Dance" repeatedly, as I was obsessed with the song and didn't know how to listen to it other than by requesting it this way.

My particular fond memories of Habbo Hotel revolve around a particular weekend routine I had. On Sunday mornings (after a fun Saturday evening of eating pizza and chocolate, and drinking lemonade, and watching a movie) I'd cycle to the local swimming pool and spend a couple of hours playing on the water slides and in the wave pool. After that I'd cycle to a family pub to eat a 'pub lunch'; sausages and chips. Finally, I'd cycle back home and excitedly log into Habbo Hotel, on the computer in the family room, and play until sunset. Even now, the smell of pool chlorine in my hair makes me want to chat and play on the internet.