Monday 09/03/2020

I finally got the motivation to makeover this site! The motivation was my lovely community over on Twitch, who are also making their own sites. Very excited.

I also was reading some old personal blogs on the wayback machine and decided I wanted to have my own too. I love how authentic people were on the internet back then, with no assumption that anyone would ever necessarily read their blog anyway.

So, if anyone is interested in reading: I moved to Japan last year, about 5 months ago. The coronavirus 'crisis' is happening at the moment, everything I wanted to do this month has been cancelled. I'm an artist, and I've been streaming on Twitch for about 9 months now.

I had a rough week last week, my mental health was really low and then I overdid it at the weekend, so today I'm just working on this site whilst my entire body aches. I'm relaxed though, so it's quite nice. The weather has finally picked up too, it's now warm enough to open the balcony doors when the sun is out! I adore warm weather.